Current Famous Painters

Leonid Afremov x

is contemporary artist known for his bold palette knife paintings of seascapes and city scenes. Greatly inspired by classic Impressionist painters, his bright and colorful oil paintings offer a stunning take on the style.

Catherine Abel

Long inspired by the art movements and the bold angular shapes of the early 20th century, Australian artist Catherine Abel creates striking figurative oil paintings. Combining classic styles with complex themes of modern feminine sexuality, her works are powerfully seductive compositions of strength and beauty.

Mark Adlington

From polar bears to matadors, Mark Adlington creates stunning pieces of art using various mediums including watercolor, charcoal, and oil paints. His wildlife works seek to capture the movement of animals in their natural habitats, which has led him to study animals around the globe.

Marc Allante

Chinese-French artist Marc Allante’s bold watercolor and ink paintings brings to life a fusion of Eastern and Western art styles, and with a contemporary spin.

John Asaro

John Asaro specializes in ethereal figurative painting. His images maintain a timeless quality.

Erin Ashley x

Erin Ashley is a mixed-media artist whose abstracts are inspired by rusted metals and dilapidated buildings. Apart from her contemporary abstract paintings, she also incorporates female fashion figures, horses, and contemporary cityscapes. Ashley’s art is bursting with color, making it truly unique and modern.

Lisa Audit

Lisa Audit is a Canadian artist whose contemporary floral designs showcase her love for unique patterns. She is versatile with her use of bold and bright colors, but is also able to counter that with soft, earthy tones that increase her appeal. She also creates incredible retro art cafe posters perfect for any dining space.

Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey’s focus is retro advertising style featuring dogs and cats. While the roots of his art is vintage art, his approach is contemporary with bright colors and bold designs.This approach has made him one of today’s most popular pet artists.

Ikahl Beckford

Born in Jamaica, Ikahl currently resides in New York. His early years as a visual artist were nurtured in his homeland. Versatile in his style, he creates images executed in various media. His love for music is reflected in his art.

Guido Borelli

Guido’s painting style is influenced by the Italian realistic style beginning in the 1900’s, especially by the artists Boldini and De Nittis. His oil paintings reflect nature as their focal points depicting Italian landscapes, homes and villas of Northern Italy and the Alps.

Mandy Budan

Mandy Budan is a Canadian artist who works primarily in acrylic. Inspired by nature, she uses strong color, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to create paintings which can be enjoyed for both their abstract and realistic qualities.

Ana Victoria Calderon

Ana Victoria Calderon was raised in tropical Cancun, surrounded by vegetation and nature, which turned out to be a very big part of her inspiration! Her main subjects are florals, foliage, space, and lettering. She enjoys working with watercolor, ink, and acrylics on paper.

Rachel Campbell

New Zealand native Rachel Campbell seeks to explore our relationship with our objects, our environments, and ourselves through her painting. Now a resident of Durham, North Carolina; Campbell’s painting capture the spirit of the local area, finding beauty in bikes, shadows, porches, old buildings and even trailer parks.

Julie Chapman

Julie chooses to paint animals because they are other nations, other minds who share our planet, and their beauty enthralls her. Their vibrancy inspires her to use a contemporary, colorful style in oils; the abstract backgrounds she favors create a unique and energetic setting for the magnificent animal form.

Texas Collective

The Texas Collective consists of original, contemporary art produced by one of the leading interior design houses. Their exceptional appreciation of color and shape results in exquisite pieces perfect for residential or commercial spaces.

Michael Creese

Best known for his study of Japanese Koi Fish, Michael Creese is a master of the oil impasto style, a technique where paint is thickly applied to canvas, leaving visible brush strokes. This adds incredible texture to his stunning and modern collection of exotic animals, contemporary instruments, and boldly impressionistic land and seascapes.

Martin Decent

Originally known for landscapes, in the past few years Decent’s subject matter has broadened to seascapes and contemporary abstracts. Within this however one subject has remained consistent: his interest in the effects of color.

Rob Dobi

Rob Dobi’s conceptual, intensely simple yet intriguing art is truly one-of-a-kind. His refreshingly creative and boldly colored designs are often a play on words and certainly make his fans stop and think. His style is so unique that he has been commissioned by several world famous bands for album and merchandise designs.

Helen Doodle

Helen Doodle is based in Canterbury, England. Her witty and charming illustrations continue to amuse and educate children everywhere.

Terry Doughty

Terry Doughty lives his art. An avid fisherman and hunter, he does not separate the outdoor experience from his work. His lifelike wildlife paintings of ducks, deer and fish are a stunning combination of realistic details, beautiful colors and the captivating use of light. Doughty’s award-winning paintings are perfect for decorating your cabin, den or office.

Megan Duncanson

Art is a very integral part of Megan Duncanson’s life. She loves the outdoors and nature, where she finds an endless supply of material to utilize as an artist. She paints with very bright and bold colors that help to draw the viewer into an exciting and different world.

Timothy Easton x

Timothy Easton describes his approach to painting as “a preoccupation with light”. His beautifully crafted, evocative and varied oil paintings include landscapes, coastal scenes, still lifes and gardens.

Sydney Edmunds

Whether it’s abstracts or figurative and everything in between, Sydney wants to provoke an emotion with her art to take the viewer to another place.

Dan Fenelon

Dan Fenelon’s signature tribal pop designs appeal to a wide audience. Taken from his background as a successful fine artist, muralist and licensing illustrator Dan’s artwork fuses street, modern and primitive art together with a vibrant color palette.

Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler’s artistic process was informed by his study of photography and photographic printing methods, both in the darkroom and on the computer. Ryan uses a hybrid of traditional and modern techniques utilizing drawings, paintings, and computer-based illustration tools. His work is inspired by nature, advertising design, and New England and Pacific Northwest iconography.

Jonas Gerard x

Jonas Gerard is a renowned artist from Asheville, North Carolina who is celebrated for his excellent use of color in both abstract and realist artwork. His ability to create contemporary and classic style art and to incorporate both impressionism and cubism into his art is remarkable. His emotive paintings truly make a statement.

Peter Graham

Peter’s work is often related to the Modern Scottish School, but Peter has a flamboyant style which is unique – detailed brush work combined with loose fluid strokes creating vibrant contrasts of pure colour, line and tone.

Anderson Design Group

Anderson Design Group was founded by Joel Anderson; who has a strong background in illustration and design. The studios specializes in illustrative design, branding, and product development; and has a very recognizable retro style.

Laura Gunn

Laura has been painting and making things since she was a small child. Her favorite aspect of painting is bringing colors together through layering, to create texture on the canvas. Her main subject areas are florals, skyscapes and abstracts. She calls her work “An ongoing exploration of color, texture and composition”.

Marilyn Hageman

Marilyn Hageman’s classic paintings are rich with a comforting energy that will add elegant ambiance to any space. Her stunning still life studies feature everything from wine collections to antique home decor. Her artwork is full of warm colors and heavy brush strokes creating a style that closely resembles impressionism.

Charles Harker

Charles Harker is an illustrator and photographer currently living in Mexico City. The vibrant colors and recurring themes of Latin and Southwestern Art can be seen in his unique and captivating landscapes.

Ethan Harper

With a background in classical oil painting and medical illustration, Ethan Harper employs a painterly approach to his work while still incorporating elements of realism. His love for vivid color results in a vast array of palettes encompassing many distinct moods.

Brent Heighton

Brent Heighton’s art is recognized for its achievement in pure expression. His distinctive style is characterized by spontaneous use of color and a willingness to push the boundaries of painting and his vision.

Steve Henderson

Steve’s paintings possess a winning combination of warmth and color. Steve’s free, yet controlled, use of color and brushstroke movement create paintings that attract collectors from around the world. He runs his art business in conjunction with his wife, Carolyn.

Peter Horjus

Peter Horjus is a graphic designer and illustrator with a fondness for thoughtful typography, engaging imagery, a variety of illustration techniques, and rustic textures with character. The studio creates fresh art daily from personal observations, passions and experimentation.

Stephen Huneck

Stephen’s instantly-recognizable artwork centers on woodcuts featuring his beloved dogs. They are simple and vibrant, and Stephen carved out a niche in the art world as a sculptor with a playful twist.

Liz Jardine

Liz Jardine has explored every possible artistic style and medium, and it shows in her rich collection of textile designs, abstracts, contemporary land and cityscapes, elegant figurative art, and modern wildlife paintings. She also incorporates incredible texture into her floral studies, further demonstrating her command with the art industry.

Bruce Kaiser

Automotive artist, Bruce Kaiser has been drawing, sketching and painting cars for most of his life. He grew up in the 60s hanging out at the local drive-In during the golden age of Detroit’s great muscle cars. Bruce manages to perfectly capture the mood, lights and excitement of the cars and drag races of that time.

Warren Kimble

America’s best-known Folk Artist, Warren Kimble is nationally recognized for art that conveys warmth and history, as well as sophistication and craftsmanship. His success can be found in the simple and honest themes that resonate with art lovers seeking to celebrate our country.

Albert Koetsier

Albert’s unique art is created by using X-ray techniques to capture the translucent quality of flowers and leaves. A leader in this very specialized art-form, Albert produces incredibly intricate images of leaves, flowers, shells and other natural treasures.

Mark Lawrence x

Mark Lawrence is a captivating Christian artist from Alpharetta, Georgia, who uses the endless creative possibilities of new computer technology to enhance his contemporary religious art. These brilliantly colorful and bold pieces of abstract art are almost exclusively inspired by commonly endeared Bible verses.

Ron Like

Has  as unique style that is characterized by rich, bold, bright colors.  Influence by many area of sensibility, from cubism to impressionism. His art provides  a great catalyst for change. His work features  many kinds of media  to produce magnificent unique designs, abstracts, folk , land and cityscapes, elegant figurative art, modern wildlife  and religious art combining  oils, acrylic,  pastels, pencils,  watercolors paints, inks and crayon.

Kate Lillyson

Kate Lillyson specializes in a style of art that uses words and letters to create bold and eye-catching contemporary digital pieces. Her vintage-style typography features a collection of “family rules” that turn every day instructions into modern artwork. Her minimalist images of drinks and every day household items are incredibly fun.

Jennifer Lommers

Jennifer Lommers is a soulful acrylic painter from the Pacific Northwest whose passion for the outdoors can certainly be felt through her magnificent, contemporary landscape paintings. Her colorful artwork ranges from impressionist floral fields to detailed close-ups of garden birds, whimsical trees and an intense study of poppies.

Brent Lynch

A powerful landscape and figurative painter, Brent Lynch focuses on mood, light, composition and movement to convey his experience.

Andrew Macara Andrew Macara has painted many different subjects over the years, the subject is always incidental to light. His pictures glow with light and life. Whether it be life on the beach, in the playground, or in the zoo, he simplifies but always captures the essence of his subject. His work is full of movement, atmosphere and space.

Alloyius Mcilwaine

Alloyius Mcilwaine is a self-taught artist who works in many different mediums. His strong interest in hip-hop music and comic books lends itself to creating bold, colorful abstract paintings that are reminiscent of graffiti and street art.

Amy Melious x

Amy Melious balances the art of photography and the intimate touch of hand-work perfectly for beautifully contemporary designs. She blends photography, pastels, pencils, oils, and acrylic paints to produce magnificent landscapes and seascapes. The depth of her still life studies and inspirational floral images is impressive.

Kate Nelligan

Kate lives on the coast of Maine and designs from her home studio, in Kennebunkport. Drawing from her surroundings, she finds inspiration in the blue green waves and water, mussel shells in the sand, and the coastal gardens all around. She blends her love for color with her passion for pattern to create simple yet striking designs perfect for summer.

Shirley Novak x

An avid gardener, Shirley Novak’s love of flowers is evident throughout her incredibly bold collection of oil paintings. She uses intense brush strokes to bring out the bright colors in beautiful poppies, tulips, and other flowers that have fascinated her since childhood. Her pieces range from classic to contemporary and are an excellent addition to any decor.

Tim Nyberg

Tim Nyberg is a human perpetual motion machine of creativity. He paints, writes, draws, designs; commonly at the same time. His work ranges from whimsical humor to abstract and objective photography.

JC Pino

JC Pino is a prolific artist and uses a wide variety of palettes and techniques to express himself through his art. Each piece tells a story that is unique and thought provoking. His paintings have an element of eastern mysticism and beauty.

Amira Rahim

Amira Rahim is a former teacher turned full time artist who dabbles in color schemes like you’ve never seen before. Bursting with color and texture, each of Rahim’s abstract pieces is vibrant and adds a sunny touch to any space.

Valentina Ramos

Valentina Ramos enjoys working with different materials, but black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in her original prints, paintings and drawings. Born in Venezuela and now living in Miami, her signature style is one of bright, colorful images filled with fascinating details.

Graham Reynolds y

Graham Reynolds trained as a technical illustrator and re-toucher. He worked almost exclusively in the 1980’s for the film industry producing posters for cinema and video releases, however, car illustration has always been his forte. His superb technique and attention to detail make Graham Reynolds one of the best photo realistic car illustrators in the world.

Marion Rose xy

Marion’s signature style is characterized by rich, bold colors and delicious paint, thickly-applied either by palette knife or by brush. Her incredibly textured work features contemporary paintings of wildlife, floral studies and sweeping landscapes.

Carol Rowan

Carol Rowan’s artistic style focuses on color relationships, allowing her to create brilliant floral and landscape pastels rich with light and energy. Her primary inspiration arises from the flower gardens that surrounds her home.

Pat Saunders-White

Pat’s technique and style is instantly recognizable by her use of bold contrasting colors, black line and whimsy in her animal portraits. Her intent is not to portray accurately what she sees, but rather to allow the subject matter to reveal itself through her heart, mind and passion.

Lincoln Seligman

After reading law at Oxford, Seligman trained as a barrister and then joined a shipping company in the City. His heart was never really in the legal profession, so he decided to pursue his real passion – art.

David Shingler

Splitting his time between Colorado and North Carolina, artist David Shingler creates stunning pieces of art that capture the beauty of the everyday. From trouts in lakes to people on the red carpet, Shingler’s oil creations ignite a sense of adventure in the viewer.

Lori Siebert

Finding inspiration from her kids’ drawings, an old quilt, or an offbeat piece of folk-art, Lori creates her designs using everything from acrylics and watercolor to fabric and polymer clay. Her experimentation with materials, combined with an insatiable curiosity, a unique design sense and a fresh approach to color give each collection its own unique and tactile personality.

Justin Van Genderen

Justin Van Genderen is often inspired by minimalist propaganda posters and old Art Deco travel prints. The style has become a trademark of the Chicago freelance artist.

Silvia Vassileva xx

Silvia is a Bulgarian artist whose contemporary style reflects her bold and energetic personality. She uses bold colors to create abstract artwork rich in contrast, creating a captivating intensity. Her modern cityscapes, still life pieces, and floral studies incorporate both realistic and impressionist painting techniques.

Eric Waugh

With his masterful use of vibrant colors, rich textures, and lively subject matter, Waugh’s fun yet sophisticated art celebrates life. Waugh’s artistic themes embrace the excitement and energy of urban life, romance, music, pets, and still life, and reflect his own heartfelt passion for the arts and his appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

Jan Weiss

Jan Weiss is a collage and digital artist who creates bold and brightly colored floral pieces that are brilliantly unique. She is also a writer, which is evident through her incorporation of typography, where she uses words and passages in layers to increase the textural appeal of her art.

Selina Werbelow

Selina Werbelow’s contemporary paintings are famous for their rich texture and diverse appeal. She uses bold, warm tones to create majestic floral close-ups and soft, cool colors for more subtle and abstract pieces. Her playful use of shapes throughout her collection and her almost rustic portraits of wildlife are wonderfully eye-catching.

Natasha Wescoat

Natasha Wescoat’s early work was rich with whimsical landscapes and swirling trees has evolved into pop surrealist environments filled with bright eyed pixies and fantasy characters.

Scott Westmoreland

Scott Westmoreland began his career as a designer and illustrator in the entertainment industry. His clearly recognizable images of Hawaii beaches and flowers go alongside iconic surfing art featuring woodie cars, flip flops, surfboards and whimsical dogs. His artwork gives any home a touch of laid-back retro summer style.

Stephen Wildish

Stephen Wildish is an Artist, Designer and Illustrator who has a habit of collecting and ordering things (Glasses, Sweets, Shopping bags, Eyebrows and Wheel Covers) and then presenting them to you in an easily digestible viewing experience. Take two tablets of Stephen’s art twice a day until symptoms subside.

Tilly Willis ya

Tilly Willis is an established portrait painter but her subject matter also includes still-life, interiors and landscapes. Much of her work is the result of her travels in Africa

Stacey Yacula

Stacey’s delightful images capture the innocence of youth with simple strokes and endearing characters. Everyday designs including nature inspired illustrations, adorable children and animal friends as well as charming holiday themed artwork are all included in her portfolio.